19 Must See Mountain Home Design Ideas 


Mountain homes, by nature, tend to be breathtaking structures. From their design to the views they offer, they are an incredibly popular type of home with endless design possibilities. Regardless of your budget or style preferences, creating a beautiful mountain home is easier than you think.

Mountain House Design Ideas

Here are 19 excellent mountain home design ideas to consider using for your own mountain home.

1. Go Gray to Match the Mountains


Mountain scenery provides the perfect inspiration for a home's color palette. If you want your home to blend somewhat with the natural surroundings, consider going with gray. It will work well, especially with the mountains as a backdrop. To help break up the gray and keep the home from getting lost in nature, you can also add a pop of white around the windows and doors.

2. Invest in Synthetic Shingle Roofing

CeDUR Live Oak-Sun Valley.png

For a classic mountain home, nothing compares to cedar shingles. However, traditional wood shingles are expensive, require a great deal of upkeep, and can become rotten, warped, or split over time.

Instead, invest in synthetic cedar shake shingles like those from CeDUR. These shingles are molded from real cedar but are made with a polyurethane material instead. This makes them incredibly lightweight and highly durable. They are Class A Fire Resistant, Class 4 Impact Resistant, and can withstand winds up to 115 mph as well. On top of that, they are easy to maintain, affordable, and will not break, chip, or warp like real wood.

3. Put Shingles Everywhere


With synthetic shingles being more affordable and more durable than other products on the market, another design idea is to use them not just on the roof, but as siding as well. Not only does this make for a unique home design, but by using synthetic shakes as siding, you can also give your home more protection than it would have with regular siding.

4. Stick With Shades of Brown

Live Oak-Wilson, WY 4.JPG

Since mountains aren't the only things that will surround a mountain home, consider matching the exterior to the surrounding trees and foliage. Shades of brown on the siding and roof can create a natural-looking home that blends in with the surrounding nature. It will help your home seem like it belongs there, rather than looking like a randomly built construction.

5. Utilize Vertical Siding

CeDUR Walden - Cordillera (6).jpg

While it is one of the simple mountain house design ideas, vertical siding can create an impressive look. When you install siding vertically, it can help create a grander look on a home, regardless of where it is. But, with a mountain home, it can make it feel even bigger and extravagant, and it will match the surroundings.

6. Use Lots of Windows


There are no mountain home design ideas that can beat having lots of windows. People choose to build mountain homes to be ensconced in the beauty of the natural world. But, what would be the point of a mountain home if you couldn’t enjoy the views both inside and out? By designing your mountain home with a lot of windows, you can enjoy the view no matter where you are.

7. Go Cottage-Style


For one of the more classic design ideas, consider going with a more cottage-style look. Combine a shake-style roof with a light-colored stone exterior to create something cozier. This is another simple design idea that can make a big difference for a mountain home.

8. Decorate with Stone Accents

CeDUR Walden - Cordillera (10).jpg

Another design idea you can consider for your mountain home is to have stone accents on the siding. This is another way to help tie your home into the surrounding nature, particularly the mountains, without having too much stone. When combined with wood or synthetic wood-style siding, you get the perfect mountain lodge-style home.

9. Extreme Contrast

HQ-Shiloh Sun Valley Wood River Roofing 2.JPG

Nothing can make a house stand out more than contrasting colors. Rather than choosing a single color scheme, consider mountain home design ideas that combine two contrasting colors. Black and white, for example, are two classic colors that would look great against mountain scenery.

10. Mix Multiple Colors


There is no rule stating how many colors someone can use on their home. If you want to mix multiple different colors like whites, grays, and browns for your home, you can. It will create a unique look that nobody else is sure to have, and is another way to put your personal touch on your home design.

11. Utilize Slanted Roofing


For a more modern take on mountain house design ideas, skip the regular type of roof. Instead, have one that is one-sided and slanted in modern, artistic ways. Not only is it something different, but it can also allow for a more creative home structure overall.

12. Mix Vertical and Horizontal Siding


Just like you don't have to use the same traditional roof style, you don't have to be boring about your siding. Even if you go with a classic material, consider having different parts going in different directions. So, instead of it all going horizontal and vertical, make an accent area where one part of the siding goes in the opposite direction.

13. Install Brick Siding

CeDUR Shiloh - Wortham Bros. Roofing- Plano, Texas (10).jpg

Alternatively, you can skip classic mountain house siding options like wood, shingles, and stone altogether, and choose brick instead. This is a durable, bright option that will do well in a mountain setting and stand out against the natural background. But, make sure the brick color will match the scenery well and not clash with the natural beauty surrounding it.

14. Two-Tone Roofing

CeDUR Walden (1).JPG

Similar to having multi-colored siding, you can also combine different colors of material for your roofing. You do not need to go extreme, but having two similar shades can create a little extra interest and contrast. It can also help denote different sections of the home, like an enclosed porch that is connected to the rest of the home.

15. Get Creative With Your Design

CeDUR Live Oak-CO Mtns.jpg

Who said that homes had to be all squares and rectangles? While these are easier design elements to work with, for a truly unique and eye-catching mountain home design ideas, think outside of the box a little. Instead of sticking with the same basic shape for your home, have elements that stand out and are more angular, like a little gazebo connected to the carport, for instance.

16. Upper-Level Sitting Area


While windows let you enjoy your beautiful mountain views from inside of your home, you’ll also want to enjoy them outside. But, you want to enjoy it from a reasonable height. Otherwise, you'd end up missing out on some of the views. To keep that from happening, design your mountain home with a patio or extended balcony attached to the second floor. That way, you have the best outdoor views possible.

17. Keep it Simple

Northwest Roofing-Michale-Shiloh-Denver-cedur shakes.jpg

With the location already so grand and breathtaking, there is nothing wrong with keeping your home design simple. Go for a classic home design with a home that isn't too big and uses a simple color palette. Even though it is simple compared to other design ideas, it will still look stunning with the natural beauty in the background.

18. Build it Like a Treehouse

Whitefish 2.jpg

To take advantage of all the nature around your mountain home, nothing tops mountain house design ideas like a treehouse. Or, at least, building your home to resemble a treehouse, even if it isn't actually in the trees. It is something you don't see with houses in the suburbs, so it is sure to stand out as something unique. But, it will also blend well with all of the surrounding nature.

19. Hide Among the Trees


If treehouse-style homes aren't your thing, you can also opt to build your home surrounded by trees. This will act as a constant reminder of the nature surrounding you, but will also provide other benefits. For one, during the summer, your home will be shaded from the Sun. It will also provide some added protection from snowfall during the winter months.


Mountain home design ideas are plentiful. Regardless of the design idea you come up with or choose, there is no denying that it will come out well–with such breathtaking views to work with, it is impossible to go wrong with any design. The big thing, however, is to ensure that you take advantage of those views, otherwise, why build a mountain home in the first place, right?

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