This Country Cottage Style Home Improves its Curb Appeal


Homeowners Todd and Jacqui Michael live in the Denver area with a beautiful country cottage style home. They had a cedar wood shake roof and have always loved the wood look. Their home has a 9:12 pitch roof that was severely damaged following the Colorado Front Range hail storm in May 2017. 

As many storm chasers do following a storm, they saturated Todd and Jacqui's neighborhood with flyers, door hangers, and mailers. The Michael's were not impressed with any of the roofing material options that door knockers and storm chasers showed them. They wanted a trusted roofing material that would last and compliment the architectural style of their home.

Recognizing what would be a great house for CeDUR, Colorado Front Range Territory Manager Chris Blackstock dropped off product samples to the Michael's home which stimulated significant interest and a phone call. Chris setup a meeting with the Michael's and brought the CeDUR trailer to show Todd and Jacqui how the new CeDUR roof would look.

The natural look and performance characteristics are why Todd and Jacqui chose CeDUR. They looked at other high end synthetics but they were not impressed because they were all so obviously plastic. The Michael's were able to tour a list of local installations and became certain they wanted a CeDUR roof. The natural wood look, performance, and ability to do a staggered installation were their favorite features. They chose a local roofing contractor, North-West Roofing, who has been in business since 1963 and is based out of Denver, Colorado to install their CeDUR roof.

North-West Roofing did a tremendous job on the roof installation. They installed an aggressive staggered CeDUR roof using the CeDUR Shiloh color. This roof is beautiful and pops out when you are driving by. It is truly one of the best and most beautiful roofs in the neighborhood.

Following job completion, North-West Roofing wants to do more specialty projects and they see CeDUR as the go-to option for homeowners that value beauty and durability. “CeDUR is, by far, the best looking, most natural appearing product on the market…we’re excited to sell and install a lot more CeDUR roofs. The support from the manufacturer has been terrific, over the Top from Day One. "

Todd and Jacqui have always loved the curb appeal of their wood shake home and no other roofing options gave them that rich, natural wood, randomly staggered look. CeDUR preserved and enhanced the country cottage look that they love. We are proud of this project and excited that Todd and Jacqui are happy with their new CeDUR roof!






Special thanks to the team at North-West Roofing, their attention to detail was excellent!

Location: 2755 S Locust St Ste 200, Denver, CO 80222

Phone: 303-804-0303


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