How does CeDUR improve the value of a church, historical property, or clubhouse?


When considering a new roof for a historical property, church, golf course property, historical venue or clubhouse, CeDUR is your best choice. CeDUR is a highly engineered polyurethane roofing material that adds long term beauty and superior value to a historical venue. So you might be wondering, “How does CeDUR impact the value of my property?”

Most people do not think about the roof as one of the biggest factors in home resale value. Recent research has shown that installing a premium roofing material increases the value of a home by a national average of $10,000-$15,000.

Along with the increase in resale value, a CeDUR roof impacts the value of a property in other ways. Increased roof insulation value is one of them. CeDUR is energy efficient and a highly insulative roofing product by design. With an R-Value in excess of 2.0 this provides additional roof insulation value and makes a property warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

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CeDUR also adds stunning curb appeal and pride of ownership.  It compliments a property’s architectural style and gives a roof deep beautiful shadow lines and the most authentic wood look possible. Whether it is a church, clubhouse, or historical property, a CeDUR roof will preserve the historical and authentic wood look better than any asphalt shingle, synthetic material, polymer material, tile, clay or natural wood shake would.

CeDUR provides a 50 year limited material warranty following the installation of our roofing material. This adds longevity and value to your roof and backs up your investment for the long haul. Another way CeDUR adds value is by being a low maintenance roofing material. There is no need for constant upkeep or regular maintenance, no need for costly preservatives or fire treatments. CeDUR is extremely durable and is Class 4 Impact Rated - UL 2218 - the highest impact rating available and Class A Fire Rated – ASTM E108 – the highest fire rating available. A CeDUR roof adds significant insurance cost savings and offers potential reductions in homeowner’s insurance cost. CeDUR is listed on most insurance providers premium credits product listings and can save CeDUR roof owners money in the long term.

CeDUR is recognized as an option for historical restoration projects by several Historical Preservation Societies as well as the National Parks Service.

If you are looking to replace the roof of a historical building, church, or clubhouse, CeDUR is the superb choice. Learn more about the benefits of our roofing material here.

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