Legacy homeowners re-roof with the best roofing product


The Heldenbrand home in Golden, Colorado has been in the family for 2 generations. Built in the 19th century this beautiful Colorado style home has had a wood shake roof since it was first built.

The Heldenbrands love the wood shake look and over the years they looked at roofing alternatives, however they could never find a suitable option. Homeowner Bob Heldenbrand received samples from other roofing product lines that "imitated" the wood look but nothing stood out. Following the devastating hail storm on May 8, 2017, the Heldenbrand family was forced into finding a suitable roofing solution. 


Fortunately, CeDUR Colorado Territory Manager Chris Blackstock had previously met with nearby neighbors Todd and Jacqui Michael that were in the same position. They also wanted to keep the wood shake look and take advantage of new technologies but were not aware of CeDUR. After a meeting with Chris Blackstock, the Michaels knew that CeDUR was their best roofing option. They contacted the Heldenbrands and told them to rush over to see the CeDUR trailer.  According to the Michaels, CeDUR was the only shake alternative they could find that did not look “fake”.


The look and performance was just what the Heldenbrands wanted. They also liked the added insulation performance, since the old house framing lacked adequate space for modern insulation. The Class 4 Impact Rating added peace of mind and a nearby CeDUR roof installation that performed very well in the May 8th hail storm when other products failed, was the icing on the cake. Once Bob Heldenbrand saw the CeDUR trailer, soon after he was organizing to get 3-4 proposals from roofing contractors specifying CeDUR Roofing Shakes.

The Heldenbrands ultimately chose Blue Ox Exteriors to re-roof their home. They were confident in the teams ability, comfortable with the proposal, and trusted Blue Ox owner Kevin Zaun and the sales personnell Tyler Weyer and Brett Burgess.

After the installation the Heldenbrands loved the finished product even more than they expected. "We really like the thick shakes and what it does for the overall look.  A little new paint and this beautiful CeDUR roof makes our house look like new again.  We feel really lucky to have found out about CeDUR before we put any of those ‘plast-icky’ looking shakes on our home”.

Northwest Roofing-Michale-Shiloh-Denvercedurroof.jpg
Northwest Roofing-Michale-Shiloh-Denver-cedurshake.jpg
Northwest Roofing-Michale-Shiloh-Denver-cedur shakes.jpg
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Northwest Roofing-Michale-Shiloh-Denver-4 cedur.jpg

 At CeDUR our #1 goal is to provide the community with beautiful and lasting roofing solutions while nurturing long term relationships with our happy customers and roofers. Thanks to Blue Ox Exteriors and CeDUR Roofing Shakes, the Heldenbrand family now has a beautiful, and reliable new roof they can trust for generations to come. 

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Special thanks to the team at Blue Ox Exteriors, their attention to detail was excellent!

Location: 2055 S Oneida St Suite 190 Denver, CO 80224

Email: info@boext.com

Phone: 303-519-5896



CeDUR is the best synthetic roofing solution for new project builds, re-roofing projects, and commercial projects. No roofing product emulates the natural wood beauty of cedar shake like CeDUR. View additional product benefits.