What is the best long term roofing material for a new development?


Architects, home builders, property managers, or home owners planning a new development are faced with many choices. When designing the interior of a new build project, you have many choices between appliances, flooring, color schemes, layout and more. But what about protecting your investment long term? When a storm hits, are you protected? What about a heavy snow, endless days of rain, high wind, or a damaging hail storm? What roofing material will you rely on to protect the new development from nature’s elements? What is the best roofing product you can rely on?

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Many new developments of mid priced family homes have asphalt or composite roofs. Asphalt shingles or composite shingles are the lowest priced, lowest quality roofing materials available. They do not have the long term performance characteristics or aesthetic appeal of composite or synthetic roofing materials. When you consider insurance cost savings and replacement cost savings, a composite synthetic roofing material like CeDUR costs less per year to own and will last much longer. Homeowners, builders, property managers, and architects who have experience with lower quality roofing materials, understand the difference and will want a better roof. Especially if they have experienced premature expenses for roof replacement due to hail damage.

CeDUR is the best long term synthetic composite roofing solution for new developments

The total roof life cycle cost for CeDUR is less than other alternatives when you factor in maintenance, insurance costs, and roof replacement due to damage or hail. The CeDUR benefit is that you save money long term. A great solution for new developments is CeDUR roofing shakes. They are extremely durable and indistinguishable from natural wood. Most importantly they are reliable and protect a property long term from nature’s harsh elements. Not only do CeDUR shakes offer stunning curb appeal, insurance cost savings, and roof insulation value, but they pass the roofing industries most difficult tests with regards to wind, hail (Class 4 Impact Rating), and fire (Class A Fire Rating). CeDUR is the high performance permanent roofing solution for new developments that property managers, architects, property owners and builders can rely on.

CeDUR roofs offer superior value and timeless beauty, two things you want in a long term roofing material. It will last and look great doing so. It is also environmentally friendly, made in the United States, and looks just like wood but performs much better. With the recent duty placed on Canadian softwood lumber, CeDUR is the best long term roofing solution when looking at alternatives to slate, natural wood, composites, synthetics, tile, or asphalt to protect new developments.