Stunning new CeDUR roof on Timbers Bachelor Gulch


Timbers Resorts specializes in the complete development, sales, marketing and operations of luxury residence clubs, vacation homes, and boutique hotels and resorts in the most sought-after destinations throughout the world.

The thoughtful design of their luxury resorts, hotels, and residences make them perfect for private family times while their gathering areas are lively and rich with inviting amenities. The Timbers Resorts portfolio is characterized by several unique elements that make our resorts the finest in the world: spectacular, one-of-a-kind destinations; distinctive environments that capture the essence of “home”; personal, world-class service known as “The Timbers Touch”; and stunningly appointed residences and suites that embody the authentic uniqueness of the art, architecture, people and environment of each location. Whether one’s stay is for a few days or for a lifetime, we always offer rich and diverse experiences for every age to enjoy.


Write blog about The Timbers project.

Potential topics to include:


Start to publisize the Timbers…Larry Lederer started the monestary project


Run it by Manuel at Horn



·         History of the Timbers

o   We started working on this in 2015…Paul walked in to the GM..Yes planning on re roofing, they decided on a material (DaV),

§  went through 3-4 GM’s

§  2 year into the process, Paul met with Paul Hoskinson Timbers HOA who had previously agreed to use DaV…aftedr that meektiig they decided to use CReDUIR

§  Key criteria: aesthetics, and fire rating, built in class a

§  Wanted to adhere to the original western architecture…if they love the look of their building CeDUR is the only material that will maintain that look.

§  Formerly the Ritz Carlton residence – the Timbers now

§  The other thing – bottom of ski at Snow Cloud on the right side.

§  The Ritz has concrete tile

§  Snow cloud has old wood roof…great place to take people, DaVinci is next to that

o   We can word it in a way (other competitive products in the space)… assistant GM was more produd of his roof when compared to the Davinci roof next door

o   Wood roof on snow cloud

o   “Leading Competitor”

§  2-3 reasons why CeDUR over Dav:

§  Maintain real wood look color and texture, as opposed to plasticy look, maintain texture and color, didn’t have a sheen appearance….class a fire w/o underlayment

o   CeDUR looks like real wood. – “it looks like plastic”



Aesthetics….showed pictures of the

·         Job challenges

o   Intriqut roof, so much of the roof is high sloped highly detailed labor…cut up roof with various gables and angles…

o   Due to the height, they had snow retention system…5 plus stories, heavy timber snow retention system, schedules we needed to work around…..snow retention used throughout roof to protect guests from snow…Entire structure has snow retention

o   Paul did snow retention – mention TRA snow guard system – TRA did fully engineered warrantied roof system



·         Snow retention


·         Teamwork – Horn & CeDUR


o   Manuel – leading contractor in the country – leading contractor who was involved with a 1,500 sqaure project previously…..did an outstanding job on installation…complexitiy of installation….huge crane to lift material up. Complex project, same time people were staying at the timbers hotel – high degree of safety during installation

o   Started in Mid September – Mid October

o   They had events a wedding as this was going on


§  Specified to a competitor – we changed that – series of pictures

§  See if the Timbers has older photos – side by side, old Ritz Carlton (archived photos)


·         Pictures of huge cranes


·         Before/After photos



The roofing company chosen to put on a CeDUR Walden roof was Horn Brothers Roofing, one of Colorado’s best roofing contractors.