CeDUR Roofing Shakes

The best roof for California homeowners

California experiences some of the worst weather imaginable, high wind, intense UV sunlight, earthquakes and fires. CeDUR synthetic wood shakes protect you from natures worst elements.

The Best Roofing Product for California Homeowners

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Trusted by California Homeowners for Protecting their Home, CeDUR Synthetic Roofing Shakes are Fire Resistant, Beautiful, Durable and the Best Alternative to Natural Wood Shakes.

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CeDUR Shakes: The Beautiful Wood Look without the Fire Risk

In the event of a fire, sparks and ignited debris can be lifted and carried by convection currents up to a half mile from a fire. Roofs are the most vulnerable part of the home because they present a large expanse where burning debris may land. Fires have the ability to spread roof to roof so having a fire safe roof is important when living in a mountain community or severe fire risk zone. CeDUR is approved for use in Wildland Urban Interface communities by Cal Fire and is Title 24 Compliant and Cool Roof Rated. CeDUR meets the needs of homeowners and industry professionals looking for a fire safe roofing product with the most beautiful cedar wood shake look.

  • Is fire a concern in your area?
    • CeDUR roofing shakes are fire proof and self extinguish flames in the event of a fire
    • If you live in a severe fire risk zone CeDUR is your best roofing option
  • CeDUR roofs are fire resistant and help protect your home while providing long term peace of mind
    • Natural wood shakes ignite at 375 degrees, the temperature on our Class A burn test certification reached temperatures as high as 1,400 degrees and we did not reach ignition 
    • Our proprietary fire retardant technology does not allow a flame to propagate on the surface of the product
  • Our State-of-the-Art Polyurethane manufacturing process delivers superior protection and lasting wood beauty
  • Insulation benefits - R-Value over 2.0 makes your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer
  • Extremely lightweight at just 170 pounds per square, CeDUR does not require a need for costly structural modifications
  • CeDUR creates stunning curb appeal - unique grain patterns, color, and texture
  • Solid product - no cavity back - no insect or debris build up
  • The most durable, fire resistant roofing product available
  • Molded from natural cedar shakes
  • Homeowner insurance savings
  • Low maintenance
  • Title 24 compliant
  • Cool Roof Rated

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