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Trusted by Colorado Homeowners for Protecting their Home, CeDUR Polyurethane Roofing Shakes are Hail Resistant, Impact Proof, Reliable, and the Best Alternative to Natural Cedar Wood Shakes.

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Beautiful wood roof look built to withstand Colorado's most extreme weather

We all know that the one constant in Colorado is weather change. You can wake up in the morning to frost and snow and by noon it is sleeting which then turns to rain. By mid afternoon the sun is shining and the the streets are dry. Each of these weather events will affect your home's roof in a different way. CeDUR shakes are freeze/thaw resistant and solid throughout which give your home superior protection in the most severe conditions.

Made and manufactured in Aurora, Colorado we developed CeDUR roofing shakes understanding that if it can perform in the high country of the Rocky Mountains as well as the wind and hail belt of the Front Range, it can perform well anywhere in the world. Colorado experiences every type of weather phenomena imaginable including: extreme wind storms (the highest recorded non-hurricane or tornado related gust), intense UV exposure, rapid freeze-thaw cycles, wild fire, heavy snow fall, and large sized diameter hail. 


Superior impact protection during the MAY 8, 2017 HAIL STORM

The May 8,2017 hail storm was the costliest storm in Colorado state history.  According to the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, the preliminary losses from the storm were estimated at $1.4 billion. During the storm, golf ball and baseball sized hail damaged homes, cars, and businesses. The largest hail pelted areas in west Denver metro including Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, and Golden. 

A CeDUR roof and a competitor roof were located at the heart of the storm in the Applewood neighborhood in Lakewood, CO.

As you can see, the roofing material on the left was extremely damaged and unable to perform under the storm conditions. Many pieces of roofing product are damaged and flipped over showing the hollow back of this roofing product. Products with hollow backs are generally more susceptible to damage because there is no back end support against impact. This often leads to failure for hollow back roofing products under severe weather conditions. This homeowner is in need of a new roof and may potentially have roof leaking.

The roofing material on the right is CeDUR. This home did not suffer any damage and passed hail inspection insurance reports. The homeowner was pleased with CeDUR's performance.

May 8, 2017 Hail Storm - Colorado Front Range


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