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Fire and Extreme Weather Concern

Jackson Hole residents have encountered serious fire concerns lately. The Roosevelt Fire in 2018 burned 20 homes, forced 500 people to evacuate their homes, and started just 30 miles south of Jackson Hole. Many areas throughout the west including Sun Valley, Idaho have banned wood shakes in an effort to mitigate wild fire risk.

Since Jackson Hole is in Grand Teton National Park, there are federal guidelines that must be followed. One of those important guidelines is WUI (Wildland Urban Interface). The WUI code includes the identification and evaluation of building product materials that resist flame spread to reduce fire concern. The necessary requirement of WUI is that the exterior of a structure resist the entry of embers, fire radiation, and be ignition resistant during a wildfire. Jackson Hole also experiences extreme weather, most notably heavy snow and dramatic temperature changes.

  • Why CeDUR is your best choice:

    • CeDUR roofing products are fire retardant, WUI compliant, impact resistant, and add insulation value to your home (our product has an R-Value in excess of 2.0). It is a very thick product at 3/4” inch thick which helps protect your home against extreme weather, hail, and heavy snow load.


The type of roofing material you have on your home will affect your insurance rates. If you have a wood shake roof or want to get a wood shake roof, you will have difficulty finding an insurance provider that will insure it because of the fire risk. Even with the use of chemical treatments or fire retardants, a wood shake roof needs to be treated and maintained properly every 3-5 years, which can be another out of pocket expense for homeowners. The chemical treatments can also be harmful to the environment.

  • Why CeDUR is your best choice:

  • CeDUR is listed on most major insurance companies premium credits product listing. In other words if you have American Family Insurance, State Farm, or another major insurance provider you can most likely receive decreased insurance rates by having a CeDUR roof on your home.

Wood is still the favorable look in Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is surrounded by natural beauty and the only look that compliments that is a wood roof.

While metal roofs might be a trendy look, when it hails on a steep slope metal roof you can immediately see the dents and dings which can drastically change a properties appearance. Hail damage repairs can also be an unplanned out of pocket expense for a metal roof.

Many synthetic roof manufacturers try to emulate the wood look however they all have a plastic shiny “sheen” appearance and cavity back and none are as durable as CeDUR.

  • Why CeDUR is your best choice:

  • CeDUR is by far the most realistic alternative to real wood shakes. It has that beautiful rustic wood look that no other manufacturer can emulate. See for yourself by requesting free samples below.

CeDUR is trusted throughout Jackson Hole

Due to our authentic wood look and extreme fire and performance capabilities, CeDUR roofs have been installed in Cowboy Village, Willowbrook, Skyline, Three Creeks and Teton Village.

See why homeowners and industry professionals throughout Wyoming trust CeDUR by requesting free samples.


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