Stunning wood beauty. Extreme durability.

  • Authentic wood look
  • No fire risk, no hail risk
  • No splitting, rotting, or warping
  • Class 4 impact rating - the best in the industry
  • Class A fire rating - the best in the industry
  • Homeowner insurance savings
  • Creates stunning curb appeal
  • 50 year warranty
  • No maintenance
My wife and I had been searching for years to find a suitable roofing product that would stay consistent with our original design concepts. The new roof has been everything that was advertised and more...the durability, the Class A Fire Rating, the 50 year warranty, the impact and wind resistant technology and of course, the cedar shake look.
— Homeowner | Telluride, CO

Our Products

CeDUR Shakes give any roof the most natural look of hand split cedar shake in a maintenance-free lightweight polyurethane material. CeDUR Shakes do not split, rot, warp, or color fade and our polyurethane material is fire retardant and will self extinguish flames in the event of a fire. Finally you can have the beautiful wood roof look without the fire risk and constant maintenance.


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Golden Cedar


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