Once you have determined you need a new roof, the following are the steps you will probably need to take to receive any warranty claims to pay for your roof:

Warranty coverage and payment

Work with your roofingcompany to receive the maximum claim reimbursement to pay for your roof replacement. You will want to complete this step with your roofing company before you commit to a new roof project with a contractor since you will want to know exactly how much of the replacement costs will be covered by the claim.  

Out of pocket costs

You will want to fully understand what your “out of pocket” costs will be to replace the roof since your warranty payment and claim may not cover the full costs. This may factor into the type of replacement roof you select and the contractors you select to perform the work. You should also factor in your homeowner’s insurance deductible costs that you may have to pay for personally.


The roofing company will probably send out an independent appraiser to inspect your roof and to calculate the warranty reimbursement to repair or replace your roof.  

Getting help to maximize your insurance claim

There are roofing contractors that will help you evaluate your roof and prepare your warranty claim. You will want to make sure the contractor is professional and reputable since this contractor will expect you to hire them for the roof replacement project as the compensation for the work they perform to help you process the claim.