Choosing a roofing contractor

Selecting a roofing contractor is one of the most difficult decisions required to replace your roof.  There are a large number of contractors in every geographical market.  There are also contractors that will temporarily work in a market or region following a major storm that damages roofs.  The following are the steps you can take to select a roofing contractors:       

  • Personal references – Talk to neighbors and friends that had had their roofs replaced in the last 1-3 years. They can tell you the names of potential contractors they selected, why they selected them, how satisfied they are with the roofs, and what the overall experience was like.

  • Contact CeDUR – CeDUR has an extensive relationship with many roofing contractors. We can provide you the names of multiple contractors with successful CeDUR installations in your neighborhood.

  • Roofers associations – You can contact your local roofers associations to get the names of contractors in your area that are members of the association.

  • Review the roofer’s website – Take a look at the roofer’s website. The sites will usually have pictures in their installation portfolio and contact information for the company. Please note that not all roofers will have a website.

  • Select 2-3 roofers you want to talk to – You will probably want to talk to 2-3 (or more) roofers to select the roofers that are the best fit for your home. This will be based on their experience, as well as your trust and comfort level working on this important project for your home.

  • Meet with the roofers personally – Meet face to face with the roofers you are considering. This will give you a good feel for their quality, professionalism, and trust.

  • Receive 2-3 bids for work – You will probably want to receive 2-3 bids from roofers to be able to compare price, schedule, scope of work, warranty and completeness of bids

  • Check references – You may want to check references with other customers of the contractors you are considering to determine the level of quality, satisfaction, and value other customers feel they received. You want to make sure the roofers did what they said they would do.

  • Select a contractor – After reviewing the bids and checking references, you will be in a position to select the contractor.

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