The following are warning indicators that you may need a new roof:

Water leaks

The most obvious sign is water leaks.  You will see stains or water spotsin ceilings or walls.  This probably requires an immediate repair to prevent any further damage.  After the repair is made, you will want to determine if the repair fixed all problems or if you need a new roof.  

Broken roof shingles or tiles

You may find pieces of your roof in your yard or laying on your roof.  This can be caused by hail storms, strong winds, ice and snow, or deterioration and breakdown of your roof material.  

Older roof

Most roofs have an expected life span.  For example, a cedar shake roof may last 15 to 20 years.  You should know the age of your roof since the risk of roof problems will increase as the roof gets older.  The impact of weathering caused by the UV of the sun rays, ice and snow, wind, and other conditions will eventually wear out many roofing materials.  

Split, cracked, lifted or curled shingles 

You may see split or cracked shingles.  Also, older shingles may have lifted up or curled.  This is common on older cedar shake roofs.  This is an early warning sign that the roof may be at risk of failing or leaking.  

Hail storm damage 

Hail storms cause significant roof damage.  Warning signs to look for to determine the damage a hail storm may have caused to your roof include ”pebbles” from asphalt shingles washing off the roof into the gutters and yard and broken or split roof shingles or tiles.  Damage to other home exteriors such as windows, doors, garage doors, etc. may indicate potential roof damage as well.  If you believe your roof was damaged by a hail storm, you should remember the date of the storm since insurance companies will ask you about this.  You will also then want to have an inspection to determine the damage.  The inspector will count the number of hail hits in an area to determine the impact the storm had on the roof.

Color changes or fading

The UV rays from the sun will cause some roof materials will change colors or fade.  This is a potential indication that the roof materials are starting to break down or deteriorate.

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