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Incredible wood beauty, wood texture, deep grain patterns, beautiful shadow lines and stunning curb appeal. CeDUR is virtually indistinguishable from natural cedar shakes. 

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Natural wood ignites at 375 degrees, the temperature on our Class A certified burn test reached temperatures as high as 1,400 degrees and we did not ignite. 

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Superior Value

Class 4 Impact Rating (highest rating available), Class A Fire Rating (highest rating available), 50 Year Warranty, homeowner insurance discounts, insulation benefits, and more. 

Honestly I think it is the best looking roof in our neighborhood...the CeDUR roof has very good insulation qualities...our heating bills have been lower since we installed the CeDUR roof.
— Bernie | Homeowner Denver, CO
The new roof has been everything that was advertised and more...the durability, the Class A Fire Rating, the 50 year warranty, the polyurethane technology and of course, the look of natural cedar shake.
— Homeowner | Mountain Village, CO

Why should I use CeDUR Roofing shakes on my home?


CeDUR is a pioneer in the roofing industry and the long term roofing solution you can trust. CeDUR roofing shakes provide the most beautiful wood look with unsurpassed performance capabilities and numerous homeowner benefits.

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Many insurance companies will not insure wood shake roofing due to fire risk. Cedar shakes and shingles are available with pressure treated chemical preservatives and retardants to increase fire resistance. However natural wood shake roofs are still prone to insect damage, decay, color fading, rotting, and shortened life span. Unlike cedar wood shake, CeDUR is fire resistant and does not rot, warp, split, discolor, dry out, or breed insects or debris build up. We achieve our Class A Fire rating from the product itself, not from a fire resistant underlayment. Other synthetic / composite roofing materials and wood shake alternatives require a special fire resistant underlayment to achieve their fire rating. The CeDUR product alone is Class A Fire Rated, no special fire resistant underlayment is necessary. Our roofing shakes incorporate a fire retardant into each shake which self extinguishes flame spread in the event of a fire. Since CeDUR is a Class A Fire Rated material, this can result in homeowner insurance cost savings. 

To match the most true and realistic wood appearance, CeDUR shakes are molded from natural cedar shakes. Our state-of-the art Polyurethane manufacturing process allows us to create incredibly authentic and realistic roofing shakes with unique grain patterns and genuine wood tones and hues. Our thick 3/4 inch butt end provides deep beautiful shadow lines and stunning curb appeal. This adds a beautiful natural looking authentic appearance paired with unmatched durability and superior value.

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CeDUR is extremely lightweight at just 170 pounds per square (1 square=100 square ft). CeDUR shakes are lighter than wood, composite roofing materials, synthetic roofing materials, slate, tile, clay tile, recycled rubber and plastic material. CeDUR is a solid roofing material throughout without a "cavity back" or "hollow back" underside. This allows for easy installation for a roofing contractor at the roof's hips, valley's, eaves, and rake edges as you can cut our product with a utility knife or skill saw. CeDUR installs just like natural cedar shake and does not require the need for costly structural modification or special reinforcement to the roof structure. CeDUR is Class 4 Impact Rated - UL 2218 impact rating - the highest rating available - and resistant to scratching, scuffing, and high impact. CeDUR is Class A Fire Rated - ASTM E108 - the highest rating available - without the need for a special fire resistant underlayment.

Homeowners that want beautiful aesthetics, lasting performance, stunning curb appeal, long term cost savings, and the most beautiful roof in the neighborhood will love CeDUR. A CeDUR polyurethane roof adds unique beauty to a property without expensive repair or maintenance. Backed by a 50 year warranty CeDUR offers discerning homeowners a highly durable and highly engineered roofing product designed to withstand nature's worst elements. Trusted by architects, roofing contractors, designers, home builders, property managers, and homeowners across the United States, CeDUR is the long term roofing solution you can trust. 


What is a Polyurethane Roofing Material? 


CeDUR implements a proprietary state-of-the-art Polyurethane manufacturing process that delivers high performance roofing products with lasting wood beauty, extreme fire resistance, and superior value. A polyurethane roofing material is a super dense, super hardened, highly durable and extremely light weight foam based material. Our development and manufacturing process allows us to engineer high performance roofing shakes that look just like natural wood without the inherent fire risk, CeDUR shakes self extinguish flame spread in the event of a fire and do not allow a flame to spread on the surface of the shakes.

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CeDUR is a pioneer in the roofing industry and has developed the proprietary blend and formulation to meet the needs of discerning homeowners, architects, property managers, designers, and home builders that want the beautiful wood look and a long term roofing solution. Our unique and proprietary manufacturing process allows us to engineer an incredibly realistic and extremely durable roofing material.

CeDUR shakes are trusted on residential projects, high end custom builds, commercial properties, exclusive mountain towns, homeowner associations, and resort communities across the United States. CeDUR polyurethane roofing shakes are the best alternative to slate, clay tile, polymer, composite roofing materials, synthetic roofing materials, and natural cedar shakes. Our high performance roofing products are engineered to withstand heavy snow, strong wind, hail storms, intense UV sun light, heavy rain, and freeze/thaw conditions. CeDUR shakes are much more durable and beautiful than concrete tiles, slate, shake, clay tiles, and asphalt shingles.

CeDUR is your best option when deciding what roofing material to use on your home.Quality, value, and performance define our roofs as we strive to develop the most superior roofing product available. CeDUR is an investment grade roofing material and the most durable and beautiful wood looking roofing product available. The future of wood is here.


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