CeDUR Roofing Shakes
cedur roofing shakes cedar wood shake roof

Why Architects benefit from CeDUR shakes

Peace of mind, differentiated design,  longterm durability, and the best looking roofs, see why architects trust CeDUR.


Why am I going to choose CeDUR?

As an architect, you are an artist molding into reality your clients vision while creating a unique space in which they wish to live. The products you choose to use must be able to withstand the test of time while adding a beautiful unique touch to your creations. You can trust CeDUR to compliment any architectural design and color scheme while adding long term beauty and value to your projects.



CeDUR Benefits for Architects

Architect benefits


CeDUR looks just like wood and is the most beautiful synthetic roofing product available. CeDUR will not split, crack, rot, warp or curl. CeDUR will enhance the beauty and appearance of your architectural design projects.


Put a unique stamp on your projects and differentiate your design from the design.

Peace of mind

Tranquility matters, CeDUR will safely protect and last for decades.

longterm durability

Give your clients the durability they deserve. Our State-of-the-Art Polyurethane Technology is a solid product that features superior freeze/thaw resistance, inherently insulative benefits, fire retardant technology, and the most beautiful wood appearance.

COmpliment any architectural style

Get more compliments, get more referrals. Our deep grain patterns and beautiful shadow lines makes our roofs pop with color and depth, we look just like real wood and do not adversely age over time. Tested in the lab, approved in the field, be confident our product can withstand any climate. while complimenting any architectural style.


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