CeDUR manufactures roofing products with high performance durability characteristics while emulating the classic wood beauty of natural cedar shake.


CeDUR shakes are engineered to resist nature's harsh fire, hail, wind, and UV conditions while reproducing the enduring beauty of natural wood. CeDUR is a pioneer in the synthetic roofing industry, for nearly 20 years homeowners and industry professionals have trusted our roofs.  


cedur roofing shakes cedar wood shake roof

beautiful wood look

Incredible wood texture. Deep grain patterns. Beautiful shadow lines. CeDUR is virtually indistinguishable from natural cedar shakes.

Fire Safety

Natural wood ignites at 375 degrees, the temperature on our Class A certified burn test reached temperatures as high as 1,400 degrees and we did not ignite.

cedur roofing shakes cedar wood shake roof

Superior Value

Class 4 Impact Rating. Class A Fire Rating. 50 Year Warranty. Homeowner insurance discounts, insulation benefits, and more.

"The product looks so realistic you have to touch it to discover it's not wood shake"

"CeDUR's appearance is the closest thing to real shake I've ever seen"


"The tree men and insurance adjuster couldn't believe that such a large branch falling on the roof only broke 3 shingles. I'm so glad I went with CeDUR Shakes in 1998. Since then we have had 4 hail storms in Lakewood, CO that all my neighbors had to replace their roofs. My roof is still perfect. Thanks again."

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Precision engineered at just 170 pounds per square, CeDUR is the next generation standard of excellence in the roofing industry.


Our proprietary fire retardant technology self extinguishes flame spread in the event of a fire.

The use of natural wood is harmful to our environment, CeDUR offers the same aesthetic appeal without threatening our environment.



CeDUR Shakes

Quality | Value | Performance

Quality, value, and performance define our roofs as we strive to engineer the most superior roofing product available. Molded from natural cedar shakes paired with our State-of-the-Art Polyurethane manufacturing process, CeDUR is an investment grade roofing material and the most durable and beautiful wood looking roofing product.

CeDUR products have been subjected to extensive testing and received 3rd party certifications from QAI Laboratories that meet and exceed the roofing industry's most difficult testing standards with regards to impact and fire resistance. Superior performance at just 170 pounds per square, CeDUR is extremely lightweight and extremely durable. Due to our performance capabilities and lightweight product composition, CeDUR installs just like natural cedar shakes and can be installed on any roof without costly consulting fees, special tools, or structural modifications.

CeDUR has a Class A Fire Rating without the use of a special fire resistant underlayment, that is the highest fire rating available. CeDUR has a Class 4 Impact Rating, that is the highest impact rating available. CeDUR also features a 50 year limited material warranty. CeDUR is certified to withstand wind speeds up to 115 mph, with the ability to withstand higher wind speeds depending on your installation.

CeDUR is a solid product top to bottom, front to back. We are not a hollow back or cavity back product, which gives your home superior insulation benefits and a higher r-value.  You can cut right through our product with a utility knife and there will be color throughout. This makes for superior finishes at your roofs eaves, valleys, rakes, and edges. CeDUR is installed directly on the roofs deck, no need for a special batten system as CeDUR installs just like natural cedar shakes. CeDUR shakes add insulation value, curb appeal, superior long term performance, and the most beautiful and realistic natural wood look to any property.

Whether you are choosing to re-roof your existing property or have a new building project, CeDUR is the most durable and beautiful wood looking roofing product available. CeDUR will compliment any homes architectural style and color scheme while adding a new level of aesthetic curb appeal to the property. Discerning property owners choose CeDUR due to it’s superior performance characteristics, beautiful wood appearance, lifetime cost savings, longterm value, and extreme durability.


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