1. Know the roofer

A simple online search and website visit will help you gain a better understanding of the company.  Read online reviews (use AngiesList and Google Reviews), visit their social media websites if available, this will give you the feel of their business approach and customer engagement.

2. Ask a neighbor

In many cases your neighbors can be your number one asset - chances are they have gone through the roofing process before, ask them what roofer they chose, if they have any helpful tips, and if they were satisfied with their decision.

3. Double check your proposal

Do the math yourself and double check your proposal. Do not sign anything until you know what you are signing.

4. Best practice to not choose the cheapest material option

A new roof can be expensive, but choosing the lowest out of pocket roofing option could affect you long term. Even in as little as 5 years it is common to see improper performance, broken parts, and improper installation which can lead to larger issues that are much more costly such as water leaks and roof damage.

5. Call your insurance provider. Have a question? Call us.

Your insurance provider most likely offers roofing discounts, including saving up to 20% by choosing a safe wood shake alternative that offers fire resistance and impact resistance like CeDUR. If you have a question give us a call (844-974-9196) we will work with you and refer you to incentive programs to help ensure you receive as many discounts as possible.