A Homeowners Perspective on their New roof 


Homeowners in Fairfax Station, Virginia share their thoughts about their new CeDUR roof installed by Marshall Roofing.


"We did a lot of research and found a company based in Colorado that engineers synthetic cedar shakes, the company is CeDUR. Although CeDUR has large market in the west, it had not broken through into Virginia.

It is my pleasure to share with other prospective customers that EVERY step of our new roof project was easy and 100% satisfying. As soon as Marshall Roofing heard that we wanted to use CeDUR, the crew was thrilled to learn about a new material. They did extensive background esearch to understand the product and CeDUR sent a rep from Colorado to specifically train the Marshall Roofing crew. 

Marshall Roofing outbid other competitors and proved to us honesty and trustworthiness that is not always part of other companies' agenda. Matt Marshall and Marshall Roofing communicated with us every day on progress; Marshall did a flawless job with the best daily worksite cleanup and represented themselves with pride. Every truck was clean and clearly marked with their logo. No truck dripped oil (that's a HUGE plus). The crew knocked on the door each morning to query if they could park in front of our garage, bottom line: one of the BEST contracting companies we've worked with - ever. 

As for Marshall Roofing, we are going to use them again for window expansion. I can't write enough positive comments about our experience and happiness working with this company. Matt Marshall was always there to supervise, take photos, and send us emails. And, he and the crew, led by the expert lead roofer Lucio, were cheerful and professional the entire time. Every aspect of Marshall Roofing's service was perfect.

The final result is one of the best roofs we've ever seen. It is the perfect pairing of an excellent roofing company and the beautiful craftsmanship of CeDUR - they truly look like real shakes. They are fabricated with 45+ different lines, so they reflect the sunlight in various angles, just like real wood. They have depth and different widths, and the color is stunning. Furthermore, they are going to have a long life-span with high impact rating, which makes the cost acceptable. Really, the list goes on. I hope you've read this far because Marshall and CeDUR will not disappoint you. We are very, very happy customers."


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We are the first customers in VA, and we couldn’t be happier with this product! We did extensive research, and nothing compared to the look and quality of CeDUR. The company took very good care of us - sent a representative specifically to work with our hired roofing company, sent us numerous samples, and answered all our questions. CeDUR is simply beautiful and outshines cedar shakes in every capacity. We are 100% satisfied and hope to see more CeDUR roofs out east.
— Homeowner | Fairfax Station, VA