Duty on Canadian Softwood Lumber


United States Customs and Border Protection announced that all wood shakes and shingles from Canada fall under the Anti-Dumping/Countervailing Duty on softwood lumber. The United States Commerce Department announced on March 15, 2018 that anti-dumping duties on softwood lumber from Canada is at less than fair value. These announcements immediately place a 20.23% duty on shakes shingles.


Your Best ROOFING Alternative

CeDUR is a polyurethane based product molded from natural wood shakes just like the shakes that have undergone a 20.23% duty. See for yourself by requesting free samples:

CeDUR installs just like natural cedar shakes so there is no need for a special batten system or special accessories during installation. Wood shakes weigh about 300 pounds per square, CeDUR is much lighter and weigh 170 pounds per square.

CeDUR Shakes have a Class A Fire Rating and self extinguishes flame spread in the event of a fire. Unlike wood which is inherently a fire concern, CeDUR is extremely fire resistant and self-extinguishes flames in the event of a fire.

Aside from direct product benefits, CeDUR Shakes offer many property owner benefits as well:

  • Insurance savings

    • CeDUR is listed on most insurance companies’ premium credits product listings

    • Reductions in homeowners’ insurance cost

  • Insulation benefits

    • Energy efficient: CeDUR Shakes provide an R-Value in excess of 2.0

    • Save on energy and cooling cost

    • Higher insulation value, reduced air conditioning use, potential utility rebates

  • 50 Year Warranty

    • CeDUR offers a 50 Year Limited Material Warranty

  • Low Maintenance

    • No splitting, rotting, warping, insect or debris build up

  • Creates stunning curb appeal

    • Unique grain patters, color, and texture

CeDUR continues to provide the best long term value when compared to other roofing products including natural wood shakes and shingles, and they are made in the United States. The duty makes CeDUR a much more viable option for homeowners, property managers, architects, distributors, and roofing contractors that want the beautiful wood look without the constant headache of natural wood. For more product benefits click here.


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