Problems with Wood Roofs


Woods roofs have been around for centuries and offer a very attractive feature to your home. Real wood roofs have many benefits such as the unique beauty each roof individually has. These roofs are environmentally friendly and can be fully recycled when replacing or tearing out a roof. Along with this, they are also energy efficient because production is “handmade” when crafting cedar shakes and shingles. When taken care of, these wood roofs can last long periods of time but, there are multiple problems when it comes to owning a wood roof.

Problems with wood roofs include things such cost for installation and repair, nature, and lifespan depending on how often you take care of it and the location of your home. . After buying your choice of shakes or shingles, these roofs should be installed by professionals. Installation is a very long process that requires special tools, time, and cation. Cedar is heavy, extremely fragile and can be broken with one step or drop. In the category of cost, wood roofs are also expensive when replacing. Whether it is one side or the entire roof, roof maintenance and repair requires as much time and effort as when it was first installed. 

When cleaning your wood roof, it calls for specific roof care. Wood is prone to moss, mildew, mold, lichens and insects which will rot away and eat your roof.  Cleaning products are made for removing these problems and whatever else nature may bring. The downfall to this, is that certain cleaning products and be expensive as well as hiring experienced individuals to do it for you in order to get the best results. Another downfall is some of the cleaning products can strip the wood leaving it discolored and faded. When exposed to excessive amounts of water, the cedar shake can curl leaving open spaces for leaks. You can fix these curls if you catch them fast enough by applying roof sealant where needed. If the shake curls past that, you will most likely have to replace the row of shakes or shingles.

Though wood roofs give off a stunning look, they are not the best choice when exposed to certain weather. Wood roofs are a fire hazard and are hard to put out. It easily spreads from one section of your house to the next in no time at all. Shakes and shingles and be ripped off and broken when enduring high winds. When snowed on, the wood absorbs the water which causes curling and erosion leaving your roof looking staggered and brittle. Since these pieces are so fragile, hail storms can result in bruises in the wood, cracks, breaks, and holes in your roof. Too much exposure to the sun will leave your roof looking faded and dried out.  

Many factors come into play when deciding on if you want a wood roof. It is important to know that wood roofs are temporary, and lifespan differs depending on the location of your home. They are not meant to last especially in harsh weather conditions. It is also important to know as much information as possible when considering installing a wood roof, performing roof maintenance or doing roof care. There are many options when it comes to picking a roof and finding one that best suits you, your home, and your environment.