The Worlds first slope side treehouse is a luxurious getaway

The Snow Bear Chalets are truly unique. They are a collection of three magical luxury treehouse chalets with breath taking views and incredible accommodations located on Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort’s Hope Slope.

That's not wood...that's CeDUR

Owner, designer, and developer Gail Goodwin is the visionary behind the treehouse concept. Gail is ecstatic with her new CeDUR roof, stating "I haven't seen anything as beautiful as your product, it fit with our idea and approach, it looks just like wood, and it compliments the architectural style perfectly".

Molded from real wood shakes CeDUR gives Snow Bear the authentic wood look with long term durability. CeDUR is made from high performance State-of-the-Art Polyurethane, so unlike wood there is virtually no maintenance and it will not split, rot, or crack.

CeDUR shakes are impact and fire resistant, boast a Class 4 Impact Rating (highest impact rating available) and Class A Fire Rating (highest fire rating available).

The ability of CeDUR to capture the true authentic wood look is unsurpassed, and the performance capabilities gives Gail long term beauty and peace of mind.

"These shakes compliment our natural look exceptionally well"

When asked about why Gail chose CeDUR shakes she stated, "I absolutely love the wood look, these shakes compliment our natural look of the Chalets exceptionally well."

This isn't the first time Gail has ventured into the world of chalet architecture, "I had a design in my head, based on the success of our other property Glacier Bear Retreat inside Glacier National Park, which I built four years ago." said Goodwin.

When you are inside the treehouse you feel like your a bird perched up in a tree overlooking the beautiful Whitefish Mountains, it's a clear testament to Gail's vision.


Beautiful rustic wood look

The location and look of these treehouses is one of a kind and the structure and architecture is incredibly sound. So much so that the Flathead Building Association invited Gail Goodwin and the Snow Bear Chalets to be on display during the 2017 Parade of Homes event in September 2017.

It was Malmquist Construction based out of Whitefish, Montana who was the builder behind this project. Malmquist prides themselves on being "dream builders", and for Gail they were able to do just that. For over 30 years Malmquist Construction has been widely recognized for their extraordinary workmanship and unparalleled customer satisfaction, and on this project they were able to make Gail's vision become a reality

The custom craftsmanship is one of a kind, take it from Gail who stated, "We absolutely love the trees on the property and decided to build around them rather than cut them down, to keep the beauty of the land intact. The only way to keep the majority of the trees was to go up – so we built our chalets as “treehouses”, cantilevered off of Winter Lane, with a picturesque bridge leading the way into your luxurious chalet." The treehouses are the ultimate in luxury living for those who want a unique experience.

The treehouses are built over 25 feet above the forest ground. The supporting beams are made from steel covered with bark to further capture the beautiful rustic look. Gail states, "Every day we have people stopping by to look at the huge support one knows that they are actually steel constructions covered with bark".

It's the attention to detail that puts Snow Bear Chalets above all else. It's the reason why Snow Bear Chalets won Best Craftsmanship Award at the Parade of Homes event. The Chalets feature stunning architecture with expansive windows, an open main level with an overlooking loft, and beautiful turrets perched above the forest floor. The Cedar Chalet features a jaw-droppingly spectacular great room with cathedral ceilings a beautiful gas fireplace graced with Montana Moss rock, and a native Cedar pine mantle, as well as seating for eight. The room’s cozy ambiance also creates a toasty atmosphere throughout the chalet. 


Gorgeous treetop views from the outdoor deck and third floor turret retreat room give visitors incredible mountain views. From the inside out the Chalets utilize every square inch of it's property as nooks and crannies are used to their full potential. From high arching windows that let in beautiful natural light, to cupboards stacked with all the essentials, when you get to the Chalets you are in paradise, a paradise that has all your essentials in a eye opening amount of space.

Complimenting the surrounding environment is something that many modern developers strive for, but never reach. In this case the Snow Bear Chalets brings a magical twist to a modern day treehouse, and the use of CeDUR Walden shakes is the cherry on top.



We are proud to be the roofing material of choice on the worlds first and most luxurious slope side treehouses. This is definitely a one of a kind project. Inspired by a brilliant woman with a unique vision, these tree houses are absolutely amazing! If you’re ready to be spoiled on a gorgeous mountain escape, you’ve found the right place.

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