Vintage home in Las Vegas restored with CeDUR Shakes


Prestige Roofing has served the Las Vegas and Southern Utah community since 1995. Whether it's residential re-roof projects, commercial roofs, public buildings, roofing restorations, or historic landmarks, Prestige Roofing has had a hand in just about every type of roofing project. Prestige recently installed a beautiful CeDUR roof on a ranch style home in a beautiful neighborhood that is home to casino owners and entertainers

The son of the original owner was restoring this home for his mother and was insistent that the original look and feel of the home be maintained. He also wanted a durable, trouble-free roof replacement that would be both beautiful and protect his vintage home. 

It was Prestige Roofing who selected CeDUR for this project, knowing that it would be durable enough to withstand the extreme UV light in Las Vegas but also increase the homes curb appeal while maintaining the original look of the home.

Prestige's primary objective was to retain the home's historic retro look. CeDUR matched the look of wood shake that was previously on the home but also increased it's durability by incorporating high strength state-of-the-art Polyurethane technology, which is highly UV resistant, impact resistant, and durable. Unlike real wood shake which is susceptible to cracking, rotting, drying and insect infestation, CeDUR requires little to no maintenance, offers a 50 year warranty, and most importantly, perfectly restored the homes original architecture and look.

A CeDUR roof on this classic Las Vegas home will look great for decades. Special thanks goes to the crew at Prestige Roofing, they did an incredible job working with this homeowner to ensure they maintained the desired wood look and aesthetic appeal by installing a beautiful CeDUR roof.



We recommend Prestige Roofing for homeowners and property owners in the Las Vegas and surrounding communities. They are reliable, do quality work, and can help you with aging, leaking, or damaged wood shake or shingle repairs, or they can help you upgrade your asphalt roof to a CeDUR roof.


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