Combating the Headache of Cedar Shake Roof Maintenance


A cedar wood shake roof is a roofing option that works for any home. It can transform the look of a home and really make a statement. But, there is a lot of cedar shake roof maintenance required to keep this roofing material looking good and functional. So, before you jump into installing a shake roof on your home, take some time to learn about the shake roof maintenance you can expect with cedar so you can make an educated decision.

Cedar Shake Roof Maintenance

A shake roof can last about 30 years, with the right wood shake roof maintenance. Maintaining this kind of roof takes a lot of work, and needs to be done regularly to avoid faster deterioration. Ideally, complete cedar shingle roof maintenance should be performed every 2 to 4 years. But, some of these steps should be completed more often. Here are a few of the frequent maintenance requirements of red cedar shake roofs.

1. Removing Debris


One of the first steps in cedar roof maintenance is to clean it of any debris. This includes things like fallen leaves, conifer needles, mosses, and lichens. This kind of debris can make it harder for any water runoff of the roof. In addition, they have the potential to retain moisture, which will allow dow wood-destroying fungus to begin growing. These fungi are notorious for retaining moisture, which can weaken shake shingles and cause them to become brittle and break more quickly.

2. Vegetation Removal

Beyond removing the debris as part of your cedar shingles maintenance, you should also perform vegetation removal. Something as simple as removing tree branches that hang over your home can help to expand the life of your shake roofing. By removing those branches, the roof will be able to dry much faster, so that there is less water retention and therefore less chance for harmful fungi to grow.  Removing these branches for cedar care roof maintenance will also significantly decrease the likelihood of a tree on fire setting your roof ablaze.

3. Cleaning the Gutters

Another essential step in cedar shake shingles maintenance is to clean your home’s gutters. While this may sound like a strange step for wood shake roof maintenance, it is actually imperative.

The purpose of your home's gutters is to take rainwater runoff and redirect it away from our home so that it cannot harm the roof or foundation. So, when the gutters get clogged, they have a harder time handling water runoff. This can lead to serious backups that will leave rainwater soaking into your shake shingles, which can lead to rotting or deterioration of the roof. So, for the best cedar shake maintenance, you should be cleaning your gutters out on a very regular basis, especially during the fall, when the leaves are falling off of trees and into the gutter system.

4. Surface Roof Cleaning


A good surface cleaning is another step in proper cedar shake shingles maintenance. While it is seen as a more cosmetic part of cedar shake maintenance, it can be beneficial in maintaining the strength and integrity of your roof. By power washing the roof, you can remove weaker pieces of weathered wood. It can also help to remove any remaining mosses or fungi that can end up damaging the roof over time.

5. Treatments

One of the benefits of routine maintenance is that red cedar shingles are naturally more resistant to moisture uptake. This can help to slightly lessen the amount of shingle maintenance required.

Various treatments can be performed as part of the cedar shake roof maintenance every couple of years. This includes water repellents, fungicides, algaecides, and fire repellents. These treatments may claim a long life, but it is best to apply them every 1 to 3 years as part of the regular cedar shake roof maintenance.

A Low-Maintenance Alternative to Cedar Shakes


Real wood shake roof maintenance is extensive and costly. While you can do it yourself to save money, it is always better to leave it to a professional. This can cost up to $1,000 every 2 to 4 years. If you’re not up to the cedar roof maintenance needed, that doesn’t mean you cannot have the beautiful shake roof of your dreams.

CeDUR Roof Shakes are a better option, molded after the look of real wood shakes, but made from a lightweight polyurethane material. These shakes are water-resistant, wind-resistant, and fire-resistant, making them incredibly durable. Beyond that, they are easy to install and an incredibly cost-effective option. They can even help to lower your energy bills.

But, what makes CeDUR’s roof shakes even better is that there is no cedar shingle roof maintenance required. Besides cleaning them with water every so often, you will not have to worry about water-retaining debris, fungi, or performing treatments to preserve the life of the shake roof.

A shake roof is a beautiful option for homes, but between the high cost to initially install it and the amount of cedar shingle roof maintenance needed, it is not an option for everybody. Fortunately, there are new options on the market that can give you the feel of a cedar shake roof, without all of the required cedar maintenance.


If you are interested in a cedar shake roof, consider CeDUR’s roofing options–they are beautiful, and have that classic cedar shake appearance, without all of the costly cedar shake maintenance requirements. Request free samples below to see the most authentic wood looking synthetic roofing shake.

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