Faux Cedar Shake Siding: 7 Design Ideas to Consider

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Wood siding has always been a popular option for homes of all kinds. Whether you want a classic rustic look or something more modern, wood siding is a good choice. However, even within the category of wood siding, there are different options to consider.

One option that has become an increasingly popular style of wood siding is shingle-style. 

Why Choose Wood Shingle Siding?

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When you think about wood shingles, you likely think of the roofing. While this is the main use for wood shingles, it is certainly not the only one. In fact, many homeowners have begun using wood shingles as siding to create a unique look on the exterior of their home. This can provide a rustic or modern look to a home, with overlapping shingles allowing for endless design possibilities.

However, regular wood shingles require a certain level of maintenance, which is part of why some homeowners avoid them as a design option. Fortunately, there are now companies on the market that offer faux cedar shake siding that looks natural, but is much easier to maintain.

Benefits of Faux Cedar Shake Siding

1. Low Maintenance

The biggest benefit to faux cedar shake siding is that is has minimal maintenance requirements. Unlike real wood, once faux cedar shake siding is installed, there is virtually no maintenance required beyond cleaning it with a hose and water every so often.

2. Very Durable

Another benefit to faux cedar shake siding is that it is much more durable than traditional cedar wood shakes. Cedar shake faux siding offers Class A Fire Ratings, the highest fire rating possible, as well as a Class 4 Impact Rating, making it resistant to elements such as hail and falling branches. This high durability means it will not crack, chip, or warp from exposure to high temperatures, heavy winds, or other harsh environments.

3. Real Wood Look

While faux wood products of the past could be easily spotted as fake, today’s products have a more natural look. Now, faux cedar shake siding looks natural, is easy to find, is usually molded from actual cedar or redwood planks, and has realistic grain and paint that will not chip, crack, or fade.

4. Insurance Benefits

States like California, Arizona, and New Mexico, where wildfires are prevalent, have put a ban on natural wood products due to their flammability. Instead, states and insurance companies have begun offering special incentives for people to make the switch to alternative, fire-rated materials. Faux cedar shake siding allows homeowners to maintain the look of wood while also taking advantage of the insurance benefits.

CeDUR Shingles for Siding


CeDUR is a company that makes faux cedar shakes that while geared towards roofing, also make great siding that looks natural. Their product is made using a unique polyurethane manufacturing process that molds their shingles from real wood. This gives CeDUR shingles an incredibly realistic real-wood look, using a lightweight and durable material and special paints.

The faux cedar shake siding offered by CeDUR has a Class A Fire Rating, a Class 4 Impact Rating, and can withstand winds up to 115 mph. These shingles will not crack, chip, warm, or fade — even when exposed to harsher conditions — and can last the entire lifetime of a home.

Faux Cedar Shake Siding Design Ideas

1. Mix it with Vinyl

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If you do not want your whole home covered in faux cedar shake siding, then consider breaking it up with another type of siding material, such as vinyl. This will allow you to include some faux wood siding, but also have something else to help lighten the overall look and feel of the home.

2. Mix it with Brick

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If vinyl isn’t your thing, you can also combine faux cedar shake siding with other materials such as brick. Brick is as durable as faux cedar shingles, which will provide your home with extra protection. Bricks can also easily be painted if you ever decide to change up your home’s exterior, making updating the look a lot easier.

3. Match the Roof and Siding


The great thing about faux wood shingles is that they can be used anywhere on a home. If you’re into a steamed-lined, single material option to keep things simple, consider using the same faux cedar shake as roofing as well as siding. You can save a lot of time in designing your home’s exterior while also creating a simple, clean-looking home.

4. Add Lots of Windows


Windows always have a way of bringing light into a home and can even make it feel much bigger. Consider breaking up your faux cedar shake siding with a lot of windows. This can add more light and help to keep the look of faux wood siding from being too overwhelming.

5. Go Lighter Than the Roof

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Since faux cedar shake siding that looks natural can be found in different shades, you have a number of different options. If you already have a dark roof, consider using a lighter faux wood siding. This can brighten up your home, create contrast, and also add interest to your home’s exterior.

6. Combine Panels and Shingles


Wood siding comes in different styles, so why not combine your favorites? Instead of having your whole home covered in cedar shake faux siding, make it an accent piece for the outside of your home and combine it with either real or faux wood planks.

7. Mix Colors

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Again, since faux wood shingles come in different colors, it is easy to mix and match them to create an interesting, different look. Consider choosing one color for the main part of your home, while having another to accent certain areas.

Faux wood shingles do not have to be limited to just your roof. They can easily double as faux cedar shake siding, and can create a truly unique and eye-catching exterior for any home. While they are traditionally seen as a rustic option, with the right design,  faux wood shingles can look good even on more modern-style homes.

If you’re interested in faux cedar shake siding that looks natural, consider CeDUR, a company that offers high-quality, realistic faux cedar products that are sure to impress and last for years to come.