Why Home Builders use CeDUR

As a home builder you are a talented industry professional that dreams, creates, and inspires. You use trusted craftsmen and resources to create beautiful, trouble-free, and efficient homes. Your creations stand the test of time and provide your clients with comfort, warmth, and peace of mind. CeDUR roofing shakes will add beauty and long term value to your creations.

CeDUR Benefits

Property Managers & HOA's


You and your clients understand the value of safety and protection. The roofing product you choose to install must withstand nature's harsh elements while offering superior protection, safety capabilities, and appearance.

  • CeDUR passes the roofing industry's most difficult testing standards with regards to impact and fire resistance.

  • Class A Fire Rating -ASTM E108- (highest rating obtainable) without the need of a special fire resistant underlayment

  • Class 4 Impact Rating -UL 2218- (highest rating obtainable)

  • Wind certification to 115 mph - higher wind speed is achievable if needed

  • ICC Certified and Approved by QAI Laboratories (Quality Assurance Institute)


No need for routine maintenance, power spraying, or fire retardant treatments. Our superior durability and color through pigmentation means you do not need to worry about product scuffing, scraping, decaying, or cracking. CeDUR is inherently insulate due to our product composition. We are a highly insulative product by design and will help decrease cooling costs in the summer and increase heat savings in the winter. Whether it is day 5, or day 5,000 your roof will stay beautiful for decades to come.


CeDUR is the next generation standard of excellence in the roofing industry. A CeDUR roof will protect and potentially increase the value of the property that you create.


Give residents that "WOW" feeling every time they come home. Your residents and homeowners will be happy with their CeDUR roof. Provide them with longterm safety, peace of mind, and beautiful lasting wood beauty that increases the property's curb appeal and value.

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