Why Property managers & HOA's approve/USE CeDUR

As a Property Manager or Homeowner Association you understand the importance of maintaining the appearance and value of the property you manage. Our high performance roofs meet your requirements with longterm protection, safety, durability and low maintenance costs.


CeDUR Benefits

Property Managers & HOA's



We have been approved for use in exclusive and elite properties throughout the United States, including Aldasoro Ranch, Jackson Hole, Yellowstone Club, and many more. With over 20 years of installations throughout the world you can trust that CeDUR will perform and last for decades.

Fire Resistance

Is fire a concern in your area? Are wood shakes or wood shingles banned? CeDUR Shakes are fire resistant and give your community the desirable wood look without being a fire hazard. CeDUR is approved for use in Wildland Urban Interface zones and is a recommended wood shake alternative in mountain towns and resort communities by fire departments throughout the country. 

Beautiful Look

Natural wood is no longer the roofing standard it used to be. Many people have experienced splitting, rotting, decaying, and risk of fire because of natural wood shakes.

Proven Durability

Unlike other products composed of polymer, recycled rubber, composite, or polyethylene based material, CeDUR is Polyurethane based material. We have been a leader in the synthetic roofing market since 1998 and our Polyurethane shakes are lab tested and field approved.

Aesthetically Attractive 

The use of asphalt shingles and other products alike can de-value the look and curb appeal of your community. A beautiful, inviting, and uniform look is uncommon but can be achieved through the use of CeDUR shakes.

Additional Benefits

Safety & protection

The use of asphalt, clay, concrete, polymer and wood shingles under perform in extreme weather. Mother nature is beautiful yet violent and disruptive, stand up to nature's elements with the best defense possible. Our 50 year limited material warranty and state-of-the-art material composition will provide safety and protection from the elements.

Low Maintenance

No splitting, rotting, decaying, color fading or fire risk, no need for routine maintenance. No need for special fire resistant treaments or preservatives. 

Longterm Value

Reduce your annual accrual and long term roof replacement costs and maintenance costs.

Differentiate your property

The wood look is timeless. CeDUR provides that beautiful wood look and creates stunning curb appeal to your community while adding long term value and unrivaled durability.

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