Why roofing Contractors install CeDUR

Professional roofing contractors understand the importance of a long lasting durable roofing material that offers superior value. You are key to providing long term safety and protection in your community as homeowners trust your work and rely on you as a source of information and knowledge. Installing a CeDUR roof gives your clients long term peace of mind, incredible wood beauty, beautiful curb appeal and improves your scope of work and portfolio.


CeDUR Benefits

Roofing Contractors

CeDUR Roofing Contractor


Increased Reputation

Your reputation is critical to your business and financial success. Working with a premium roofing manufacturer increases your credibility and reputation in the marketplace.

Improved Portfolio

Your project portfolio could be the difference between a job lost and a job won. Enhance your portfolio with beautiful CeDUR installations and roofs that show unsurpassed beauty and curb appeal.

Easy installation

Cedar shake is simple to install. CeDUR installs just like cedar shake. If you have experience installing wood shakes or shingles you can install CeDUR. Our lightweight product composition means there is no need to consult with a structural engineer prior to installation. We feature just three product pieces: shake, starter, hip and ridge.

Higher Margins

Your bottom line is the most important aspect of your business. Increase your margins with the use of a premium high end product.

happy Clients

Your clients will be happy with CeDUR roofs. Give them that "wow" factor every time they see their home. Provide them with the best looking roof in the neighborhood and make CeDUR the last roof they need. We can provide customer testimonials and references to demonstrate homeowner satisfaction for your clients.

CeDUR installs just like cedar shake

We feature 3 product pieces:


1. CeDUR Starter


The CeDUR starter, otherwise known as the starter course, is necessary to begin your CeDUR installation.




48+ molds create the most beautiful natural wood appearance and a unique variation of shakes in each individually packaged bundle. 



3. CeDUR Hip & Ridge




LOW RIDGE - pitch 4:12 - 7:12

MEDIUM RIDGE - pitch 7:12 - 11:12

HIGH RIDGE - pitch 11:12 - 14:12

Pitch above 14:12 - 21:12 - ridge to be field assembled

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