As a contractor who has installed several hundred squares of CeDUR I can speak for it’s durability, beauty, and ease of installation! If you are looking for a roof that will stand the test of time CeDUR is the best roofing material on the market today.
— Roofing Contractor | Denver, CO
I can honestly say you all are second to no one in the customer service area, and CeDUR is a product that will continue to grow in the roofing industry as a top of the line product. Thank you everyone for all of your help.
— Roofing Contractor | Austin, TX
We would like to thank you and CeDUR for your outstanding product, as well as for your excellence in customer support.

We selected a CeDUR roof for our Colorado Springs home because of it’s top ratings for wind, fire, and hail and for it’s attractive appearance. As expected, our new roof is absolutely beautiful.

The technical feature of being able to replace a single CeDUR shingle without disturbing the rest of the roof, is really important to us. After the recent severe hail storm that hit our area, many neighbors require complete replacement of their roofs, but we are just replacing some shingles. Also, our thanks for recommending Cheyenne Mountain Roofing, the top notched roofing company trained to install CeDUR.

We thank you for both your great product and great customer service!
— Homeowner | Colorado Springs, CO
Our architect recommended using CeDUR shingles on part of our house. Once installed, they looked great and so realistic that we installed them on other parts of the roof that specified different material. I am detail oriented, very happy with how the CeDUR shingles look and highly recommend them.
— Homeowner | Atlanta, GA
Honestly I think it is the best looking roof in our neighborhood. Moreover, the quality of the product is outstanding. We live in the western Denver area foothills. We have severe winds here a couple of times each year. This year has been no exception as we have had more severe storms than normal. Winds were in excess of eighty miles per hour at one point. The CeDUR roof has performed exceptionally well with no wind damage whatsoever.

Although I cannot prove it, I believe the CeDUR roof has very good insulation qualities. Our heating bills have been lower since we installed the CeDUR roof. I suppose this could be attributable to other factors. I have also noticed that the CeDUR roof is more quiet than our previous roof. This is very evident in heavy rain or hail storms.

Overall, we could not be happier. Thank you.
— Bernie Zuroff | Homeowner | Golden, CO
We are the first customers in VA, and we couldn’t be happier with this product! We did extensive research, and nothing compared to the look and quality of CeDUR. The company took very good care of us - sent a representative specifically to work with our hired roofing company, sent us numerous samples, and answered all our questions. CeDUR is simply beautiful and outshines cedar shakes in every capacity. We are 100% satisfied and hope to see more CeDUR roofs out east.
— Homeowner | Fairfax Station, VA
The tree men and insurance adjuster couldn’t believe that such a large branch falling on the roof only broke 3 shingles. I’m so glad I went with CeDUR Shakes in 1998. Since then we have had 4 hail storms in Lakewood, CO that all my neighbors had to replace their roofs. My roof is still perfect. Thanks again.
— John Titley | Homeowner | Lakewood, CO
I’ve recently gone back to inspect the 4 roofs that we completed a few years ago and was pleased to see how natural and beautiful the roofs still look. For me and my clients, the product looks so realistic that you have to touch it to discover that it’s not wood shake. The Class A Fire Rating is a real plus for areas that are designated for only Class A material. I can’t imagine the material being any better or any easier to install. For such a lightweight product to have such an amazing aesthetic quality and durability makes it so easy to sell. All we have do is show any competitive product sample and CeDUR sells itself.
— Paul Klein | President at Rooftoppers | Los Angeles, CA
My wife and I had been searching for years to find a suitable product that would stay consistent with our original design concepts of our mountain home in Telluride, Colorado. In replacing our traditional cedar shake roof , we were looking for a product that aesthetically was pleasing to the eye and yet, sturdy and strong enough for the harsh weather conditions we face year round in the San Juan Mountains. The CeDUR product has met all of our needs and requirements. The new roof has been everything that was advertised and more...the durability, the Class A Fire Rating, the 50 year warranty, the wind resistant technology and of course, the look of natural cedar shake. The Horn Brothers install team was fast, professional and competent. Once the roof was completed, we have had numerous “drive-bys” inquiring about the CeDUR shakes and it’s realistic classic beauty. The entire team at Horn has been very responsive to every question or challenge presented to them by myself or the Design Review Boards. I can highly recommend them and the CeDUR product to anyone interested in replacing an old roof with a state of the art synthetic roofing material that is both durable and elegant. A big thank you to all of the Team involved for making the entire process smooth and rewarding.
— Homeowner | Mountain Village, CO
Carrie and I selected the CeDUR roofing product for our home in Telluride, Colorado in the Summer of 2008. No other product held the color, texture, and physical properties like this natural looking shake. After six years, the product looks almost new expect for the sleight color change and weathering, which is an advantage. Aesthetically, the individual color variations is life like. I have to tell our guests it’s not real wood. I specify CeDUR on my own projects that demand a wood shake look, knowing that I will get a Class A rating for my client and he will get lower insurance policy because of it.
— Gerald Ross | Owner Gerald Ross Architecs | Telluride, CO

www.telluridearchitect.com  |  gr@telluridarchitect.com


Here is another order for CeDUR Shakes. This is the best new roofing product I’ve seen in years. We like the fact that it goes down like wood and is tough and durable. You don’t have to worry about stepping on it at all.
— Roofing Contractor | Denver, CO
I am extremely impressed with not only the appearance of this product, but it’s diverse functionality and state of the art material composition. I have presented this product to the partners and principals of the project I am currently involved in as lead architect. It was received with great enthusiasm and will be recommended as a preferred material for use in this development.
— Leading Architect | Colorado
CeDUR’s appearance is the closest thing to real shake I’ve ever seen. The look of hand split cedar continues to be a popular choice that many of our customers ask for when re roofing their homes. It’s a real benefit for us to be able to offer them a product with the look they want, knowing that it is durable enough to handle the severe heat and below freezing conditions we face in Utah.
— Roofing Contractor | St. George, UT
CeDUR is the most authentic representation of real cedar wood on the market. I was impressed with the product’s appearance and performance characteristics and equally impressed with the follow up during and after the job. The CeDUR Team was on the job site, answered any and all questions, and followed up after the job was complete for final inspection. I recommend the use of CeDUR to all homeowners.
— Susan Neaman | Hailey, ID
Our names are Jerry and Becky Olsen, homeowners in Sun Valley, Idaho. We needed to re roof our existing wood shake home and started by researching products online. Nothing seemed right; most had the look of plastic and not a natural appearance, until we came across CeDUR. Our roofing contractor had us look at a home completed in the area 4 years ago and it looked great! Not only are we using CeDUR on our home in Sun Valley, but next year we will be having CeDUR installed on our home in Eagle, Idaho as well.
— Jerry and Becky Olsen | Sun Valley, ID
As I’m sure you know, in a side-by-side comparison, there is no comparison. The majority of our homeowners currently have wood shake roofs and are sick at the sight of asphalt/composition going up in their HOA’s. I believe there is a tremendous market for CeDUR shakes in the Pacific Northwest.
— Building Supply Contractor | Seattle, WA
I’ve had CeDUR on my addition for over 5 years, it’s exceeding my expectations. I’m anxious to put it on the rest of the house before another fire season.
— Homeowner | Evergreen, CO
CeDUR answers a definite need for an affordable and authentic looking wood shake product in our area. Not only is the product as easy to install as real wood shake, but it’s ability to stand up equally to heavy snow, high wind, or extreme heat have made it ideal to serve the various needs for our customers.
— Roofing Contractor | Southern Utah
My name is Dan Houlihan, I am an architect in Telluride, Colorado. In 2006 I was building my personal residence in Aldosoro Ranch. I was introduced to the CeDUR product by Paul Hoskinson. I chose to roof my home with CeDUR because of it’s very realistic wood appearance, it’s Class A Fire Rating, impact resistance, resistance to freeze thaw cycles, and high wind rating. I am very happy say nine years later, the roof looks great and it has performed very well in our high alpine environment. I recommend the use of CeDUR to all homeowners, especially those living in the mountains.
— Houlihan-Fountainhead Studios | Telluride, CO
My name is Dan Nuchols, I own a home in Evergreen, Colorado. In 1999 we were looking for a product to re roof our home with. We wanted to replace the existing wood shake, but were leery of using them again, due to fire danger and their short life span in our mountain environment. We chose the CeDUR product because it had achieved the highest test standards, as well as it’s incredible wood-like appearance. I am happy to say these many years later the roof is doing very well. I am very pleased with both it’s appearance and performance over the sixteen years it has been on. I recommend the use of CeDUR.
— Dan Nuchols | Evergreen, CO

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