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When it comes to choosing a roofing material for your home, there are many things to consider. One of the things to keep in mind when selecting your roof is what material to go with. With the many materials and styles available, it can be difficult to know what to choose.

One of the common roofing styles you can find across the country is shake roofing. This is a traditional style that has been around since the colonial times when wood shake shingles were the only option in terms of roofing materials. But, as time has gone on, new, safer shake shingle options have become available, such as vinyl shakes. Here is what you should know about vinyl shake shingles.

The Look of Vinyl Cedar Shakes

When they first came out, vinyl cedar shake shingles became a popular alternative to the high-maintenance wood shake shingles that were common in the past. But, one of the issues with the early vinyl cedar shakes is that they did not maintain the same beautiful, craftsman-style appearance that traditional cedar shakes offered. Some described it as a cheaper alternative to the real thing, which had the potential to detract from the overall look of the home.

But, there were many vinyl shake colors options available, which made them more appealing. Added to that, beyond the various vinyl shake colors, it is also possible to paint them virtually any color you desire.

As time went on, companies did begin releasing vinyl shake shingles that looked more like the traditional hand-split cedar shakes that so many loved.

Vinyl Shingles Cost

A large draw to vinyl cedar shake shingles is the vinyl price point. There are vinyl cedar shakes at virtually every price point imaginable. With such a wide range of vinyl shakes cost, a shake roof is within reach for countless people across the country.

However, when you choose a lower vinyl shakes cost, it will also mean it is a lower quality product. This can affect the value of not just your home, but the surrounding ones as well. Even the best vinyl shakes can potentially lessen the value of homes.

Another thing to consider about the vinyl shingles cost is that they are not a permanent roofing solution. This means that over time, they can become used and worn, which requires shakes to be replaced, or for a whole new roof to be installed. Which can make the overall vinyl shingles cost much higher.

Durability of Vinyl Cedar Shingles

There is no denying that vinyl shakes are more durable than traditional wood shakes. One of the first things to note about vinyl cedar shingles when it comes to their durability is their higher resistance to water damage–a significant culprit in wood shake damage.

However, extreme weather still leaves vinyl cedar shingles incredibly vulnerable, particularly when they are left untreated. These treatments help to protect vinyl shingles from UV ways which can discolor and warp vinyl, and help make them able to withstand the elements.

Maintenance of Vinyl Shakes

Compared to traditional wood shakes, vinyl shake shingles require less maintenance. Even though vinyl can be painted, it is not a necessary step in the maintenance of vinyl shakes due to the number of vinyl shake colors available.

However, to maintain a clean appearance, you should clean your vinyl cedar shingles every year, or more often, depending on where you live. This will help keep it free from scuff marks and dirt.

Even if you go with the best vinyl shakes, there are still certain things to watch for when it comes to preserving the life of your vinyl shingles. Although vinyl offers more water resistance than wood, there is still the potential for water to get trapped beneath it and cause it to rot quicker. This allows for the growth of mold and mildew, as well as insect infestations.

The CeDUR Alternative


While vinyl cedar shake shingles are a popular option, the vinyl shakes price can quickly add up between the initial installation, maintenance, and any necessary replacement or repairs. In addition, although vinyl shakes offer some amount of durability, even the best vinyl shakes will become worn, warped, or broken over time.

CeDUR Roofing Shakes is a company that responded to the desire for a better, synthetic alternative to classic wood shakes. CeDUR roofing shakes are made using a lightweight, polyurethane material that is molded from real split logs and is highly durable.

CeDUR shakes offer a superior Class 4 Impact Resistance, with the strength of withstanding winds up to 115 mph. CeDUR’s roof shakes also have a Class A fire rating, the highest fire resistance rating available on the market.

Additionally, CeDUR’s shakes are low maintenance, so they do not have the same concerns of growing prices, due to the various costs associated with vinyl shakes.

Although the vinyl shakes cost makes them an appealing option when compared to traditional wood shakes, they are not necessarily the best option on the market. They still require a fair amount of maintenance, can suffer damage, and if not installed properly, can look cheap and degrade very quickly. Because of this, you will still find yourself spending a lot in the upkeep of this option.

CeDUR Roofing Shakes are a beautiful, highly durable alternative that offers the appearance of real wood shakes, without the high cost to install and maintain them. From being impact, fire, and water resistant, CeDUR is, without a doubt, the best alternative on the market and is sure not to disappoint.

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