Built for Impact: What to Know About Class 4 Impact Resistant Shingles


The roof is the most essential part of any home or other building structure; it is what protects the inside from things like heavy wind, rain, and hail. If a roof is not strong enough, it will break or tear under the stress of extreme weather, which can leave the home or building prone to leaks and other serious structural issues. Because of that, it is essential to invest in a high quality, impact resistant roof for the most protection. A Class 4 impact resistant roof will provide the most protection from wind, rain, and hail.

Here is what you should know about Class 4 hail resistant shingles and choosing the right Class 4 roof for your home or building.

What is an Impact Resistant Roof?


Impact-resistant roofs are made with high-quality, extremely durable materials that are more resistant to things like wind and hail than other materials. By being made from these materials, a roof is less likely to suffer severe damage during extreme weather.

Installing an impact resistant roof, and other impact resistant construction materials is critical to protecting a home or structure from severe damage.

What Class of Impact Resistance Do You Need?

When it comes to impact resistance, there is a class system used to identify the level of impact resistance a product has. There are four classes of impact resistance ranging from Class 1, the least resistant, to Class 4, the most impact resistant.

Each state has different building codes that may specify the class of impact resistant materials a home or other structure must use. What each state allows for roofing and other areas of construction will depend on the conditions the materials will be exposed to.

For example, states prone to hailstorms are likely to require all roofed structures to have Class 4 roof shingles for optimal protection.

Class 4 Impact Resistant Shingles

As mentioned before, Class 4 shingles offer the highest level of impact resistance. For roofing shingles or any construction material to receive this classification, it is required to go through rigorous testing. This testing is usually done by an independent organization known as the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) who worked with the Institute of Business and Home Safety to create the UL 2218 classification that goes hand-in-hand with the Class rating system.

What Are UL 2218 Class 4 Shingles?

The UL puts construction materials, like roofing shingles, through a rigorous series of tests set to determine how impact resistant they genuinely are. During this test, known as the UL 2218 Class 4 Impact Rating test, steels balls in various sizes are dropped onto the roofing material at 90 mph from 12 to 20 feet high, two times in the same spot.

How the roofing or other construction material holds up under the impact of these steel balls will determine whether they will be classified as UL 2218 Class 4 shingles or a lower class. For a UL Class 4 impact resistant rating to be achieved, the sample roofing material should be able to withstand two hits by a steel ball that is two inches in diameter without cracking or showing signs of stress.

Choosing the Best Class 4 Shingles

There are many different Class 4 impact resistant shingles available on the market. But, knowing which are the best Class 4 shingles to go with can be confusing and overwhelming.

Although many products list a Class 4 impact rating, ideally you will want to go with a company whose product is listed as being UL 2218 Class 4 shingles. This will ensure that they have gone through the rigorous testing of the independent UL and that the classification is valid.

The cost of Class 4 impact resistant shingles can vary from company to company, but if you take the time to search, you will find that many companies offer UL Class 4 impact resistant roof options that are reasonably priced. But, it is also important to note that the price you pay for a Class 4 roof will mean your home or building is well protected from extreme weather.

CeDUR’s Class 4 Shingles

CeDUR Shiloh-Global Roofing-Golden Colorado(5).jpg

One of the best Class 4 shingles on the market are CeDUR Roofing Shakes synthetic wood shakes. Their product mimics the beauty and uniqueness of real cedar shakes, but is much more durable.

CeDUR’s products have earned classification as Class 4 impact resistant shingles. Their synthetic cedar shakes have gone through the UL 2218 impact testing to earn this distinction, and their products have proven to not only be beautiful but highly durable as well.

Your roof is an essential part of your home or building, and you want to be sure it is strong enough to take an impact. A Class 4 hail resistant roof is the most durable type of roofing on the market and will not rip, tear, or crack when exposed to heavy winds, rain, or hail.

One great option for Class 4 impact shingles is CeDUR Roofing Shakes. These shingles do not sacrifice style or aesthetic to earn their distinction as UL 2218-certified Class 4 roof shingles. When you want to protect your home or building, a Class 4 impact resistant roof is one of the best investments you can make.

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